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Take the GEIST Quiz to test your GEIST Powers!
The GEIST Quiz has 35 questions.   At the end of the quiz, you'll find out whether you are a Supreme, Hot, Medium, Mild or Bland Chili Pepper!
31 - 35  Correct Answers: SUPREME Chili Pepper
26 - 30  Correct Answers:  HOT Chili Pepper
16 - 25  Correct Answers: MEDIUM Chili Pepper
6 - 15  Correct Answers: MILD Chili Pepper
0 - 5  Correct Answers: BLAND Chili Pepper

Feel like stretching your mind a bit more?  
Try these fun puzzles!  They test how well you can think laterally.  No special skills are needed to find the answers, just use your imagination and be flexible in your thinking!


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