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2005 Press Release
GEIST Quick Intro


GEIST™ is a new family board game.  It combines imaginative gameplay with a healthy dose of strategy for players aged 10 and up.  Pack a crafty mind and a fistful of chili peppers to chase down and capture Geists (ghosts), each with its own mischievous prank you can play on your opponents and even on yourself!   With an engaging concept and stunning graphics,
GEIST™ is bound to become a family game night classic!


The Hunt takes place in 1901 in a town called Styxville. Styxville has been tormented for years by 13 Geists who have escaped from the UnderWorld and taken over the town cemetery.  Legend has it that the Geists are attracted to the aroma of Zingiberis - a strange root that grows in the cemetery.  Legend also has it that the Geists hate Chili Peppers!  Can you rescue Styxville? Can you capture these mischievous Geists and take them back to the UnderWorld?

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Finally, a new timeless classic.  GEIST is a nail-biting, strategy filled game that keeps you on your toes till the end.  It will lure you away from TV and video games and you’ll ask for it time and time again.  It’s thrilling, fast-paced, a blast to play and the more the merrier.  Nothing compares to it.  No more just rolling the die and moving your piece. No more trivial questions. In GEIST, the only question is the one you ask yourself: “Should I go for it”?
Use your wit and ingenuity to guide you through the devilish Cemetery. Gather Zingiberis to lure the Geists and eat plenty of Chili Peppers for defense!  And best of all, “GEIST” your opponents, meaning, use your captured Geists to play pranks  on them! These pranks, once unleashed, can bring about some wild surprises for all!  But even the victims will laugh at the pranks and love what the Chili Peppers can do!


1 Game Board
27 Geist Cards
37 Chili Pepper Cards
13 Headstone Labels
117 Zb Chips
5 Geist Hunter Pawns
1 die
Quick Start
Hunter Biographies

Philosophers have struggled with this deceptively simple German word. It has scores of meanings: ghost, soul, spirit, mind, essence, intellect and wit.  GEIST, the game, embodies all of them - it’s devious and ingenious. The rules of movement are one of a kind and the board is an enigma, rich with patterns, truly a board with a brain. It allows endless exciting replays and the more you play, the more its mysteries are revealed. Don’t miss it!

US PATENT NO. US 6,962,337 B2



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