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Before beginning
a Hunt , it is wise to ask someone what you are looking for before you begin looking for it
Winnie the Pooh
(By Milne)


Styxville has pulled together a hefty reward to entice the best bounty hunters in the world. Their mission: capture and take the 13 Geists back to the UnderWorld.  5 Hunters stepped up to the plate.  You will become one of them!

Gerrit | Emm | Indy | Spade | To Sic

Year Born :  1872
Place of Birth :  Paramaribo, Dutch Guiana
Incentive :  Revenge
Expertise :  Firearms
Weapons :  10.95 mm German Mauser bolt action rifle and 7.65 mm Luger semi automatic pistol
Gerrit Van Aerssen was born in Dutch Guiana to a Brigadier General and an heiress.  Gerrit graduated at the top of his class from the Royal Military Academy in Breda specializing in weapons and tactics at the tender age of 16.  In top physical shape and impeccably groomed at all times, he was known to possess the most extensive gun collection among his circle and acclaimed a first-rate marksman.  Gerrit relished hunting of all kinds.  He considered hunting the ultimate sport and man the ultimate prey. After honing his hunting skills on big game safari in South Africa, he returned to his hometown to work for the government of Dutch Guiana, the neighboring government to French Guiana, home to Devil's Island, the infamous penal colony.  The government of Dutch Guiana adopted a staunch policy of sending back all escapees who crossed to the Dutch side in their attempt to flee down the only pathway through the dense jungle, the Moengo Road to Paramaribo.  Gerrit makes it his religion to hunt down every single convict and return his prey personally to Devil's Island.  In their attempts to escape, many convicts fall victim to the piranhas of the Maroni River, but many more fall victim to Gerrit!

Year Born :  1876
Place of Birth :  Cayenne, French Guiana
Incentive :  Challenge
Expertise :  Blowgun & Traps
Weapons :  Choco Indian blowgun with poison frog tipped darts and 50’ of handmade hemp rope.
Emm, known as “Splendeur Sauvage” or “Wild Splendor” in her hometown of Cayenne in French Guiana, is the daughter of the warden of the most dreaded penal colony of all times, Devil’s Island.  Emm learned at an early age the limits of men. The convicts, underfed and overworked, were driven to desperate attempts to escape.  From these escapes, she learned the art of pursuit and the thrill of capture. During the most famous manhunt in history, she outsmarted the search army and single-handedly captured the convict.  At that moment, a twist of fate made her realize that the stifling conventional town of Cayenne was no longer bearable.  She joined forces with her convict and headed for the neighboring swamps. Emm made her way eventually to the jungles of Central America, then across the Pacific to Indochina where she earned her living as a bounty hunter tracking down convicts and escapees.  At home in the jungle, she’s expert in surviving swamps and rivers infested with piranhas, lurking alligators, army ants and malaria carrying mosquitoes.  Known for being able to make a weapon out of anything, Emm is also deadly with a blowgun.

Year Born :  Unknown
Place of Birth :  Unknown
Incentive :  Devotion
Expertise :  Bow & Knives
Weapons :  Seasoned bois d’arc bow with buffalo sinew string and 11” Cherokee throwing knives
Indy is a mystery.  Little is known of this man. It has been rumored that he was wrongly accused of a slaying during the crossing of the Atlantic and was sent to life-in-prison on Devil’s Island.   Determined to beat the savage system, he succeeded in escaping in spite of fantastic odds.  His remarkable feat was the greatest epic of human courage.  While thousands of convicts have perished in their attempts, his escape left a feeling among everyone that his noble spirit and fortitude of character are stuff of legend.  He was seen making his way along the northern coast of South America together with a female companion, then living among a native tribe in the jungles of Honduras. Yet years later, he turned up alone in the Oklahoma territory during the great land rush.  He befriended the Cherokees and learned their ways.  Few are as accurate and deadly with a bow and knives.  The settlers nicknamed him “Indy” for he had mastered the Indians’ stealth and art of camouflage, often appearing as if out of nowhere.  A quiet, shy man, he tends to keep to himself and his readings.  He trusts few, but his loyalty, once earned, is earned forever.

Year Born :  1871
Place of Birth :  Perth, Australia
Incentive :  Money
Expertise :  Fists & BullWhip
Weapons :  9’ Australian bullwhip and 15” Bowie knife
Spade was born in a little town outside Perth where his parents ran a small mission established by the first settlers to Western Australia.  Orphaned at the age of four following a tribal skirmish, he was brought up by a group of Aborigines.  He learned the art of survival and had an uncanny ability to hunt in the desert.  In his late teens, he roamed the rugged cities of Adelaide, Melbourne and Sidney, making a name for himself as a bare-knuckle brawler. He made his living fighting with his fists as men from many parts of the country poured into town to challenge his reputation as the “Fastest Fist” in Australia.  Always looking for the next opportunity to amass a fortune, he was never far from a high stakes card game. Spade made it to as far as China where it was rumored that he cleaned out the infamous Shanghai opium gang at cards and narrowly escaped with his life. His acquaintances describe him as a cheerful companion who’s as quick with a joke as he is with his fists and his nine-foot bullwhip.  One should not be fooled by his easy disposition, it is said that he could whip a fly off your nose before you know it’s there.  His primal instinct for survival helps him ward off danger time after time.  A good challenge with a good wager can turn him instantly into a ruthless contender.

Year Born :  1869
Place of Birth :  Wuhan, Central China
Incentive :  Spicy Delicacies
Expertise :  Fan & Sword
Weapons :  31” Dao (Chinese broadsword) with wooden scabbard and deadly Ivory Che-San (folding fan)
To Sic was raised by Buddhist monks since he was found on the doorstep of the Guiyuan Buddhist Temple, also known as “the Temple of Original Purity”.  Schooled in pacifism, he was one with the animals and with the earth.  His insatiable appetite for the work of Sun Tzu affected his studies.  Ten times, his master reprimanded him and eleven times he was caught practicing the “Art of War”.  To Sic left the monastery at the age of fifteen and drifted throughout southern China.  In each town, he offered his sword in exchange for room and board. At sixteen, he single handedly defeated a band of thirteen robbers attacking a small village and his fame as a warrior was assured. His appetite for the way of the sword is equaled only by his appetite for spicy food. His travels introduce him to the many delicacies of oriental cooking and they are his one true weakness.  Though he has grown in girth, his skill with a sword, his keen eyesight and lightning fast reflexes remain his unexpected strengths.  None of his opponents who have doubted his agility have lived to question him again.  He carries a Chinese fan for the hot weather but watch out!  Appearances can be deceiving.  He has been known to kill an enemy with a flick of his wrist!



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